Jolly Rating System

Jolly Rating System


Global Economy Reality:

Let us start this analysis with the US Economy:

1. Per capita health care expenditure is around $9000+, which is significantly higher than the value for the next country in the list

2. US educational expenditure is at the top, but ranks at most in the middle of OECD rankings in terms of PISA evaluations

3. A country with supposedly many of the top global Universities has only around 1/3rd of the population with graduate degrees or more (there are educated fools, and education is not a complete measure of one's ability and talent - We have seen that with Cochrane, Disney, Edison, Faraday and more). But, right and relevant education could help the society.

4. Autism and ASD along with other mental health issues on the rise (Specifics and Our analysis soon)

5. Opioid addiction and other addictions are a major concern in the country

6. The country is ranked 112 in the global peace index

7. Household savings rate needs to be looked at, and without taking into account assets, is a concern as well

8. Wealth disparity is one of the highest amongst industrialized nations

9. US ranks first in per capita gun ownership, which has increased from close to 0.33 in 1947 to 1.1 in the recent times, whereas population in 1947 was around 150 million compared to 320 million now.

When you combine these two together along with addiction problems, and other dysfunctions in the society, we have been seeing that reflected in the recent events.

10. As per articles out there, 3 in 4 houses are investor owned, and there are still several states reeling from foreclosure concerns.