Third Death Anniversary of Dr. Abdul Kalam

Third Death Anniversary of Dr Abdul Kalam, Ex-President of India
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This is just a follow up to our earlier post, where we had mentioned about sharing a short section of the edited video of the speech that Dr Abdul Kalam gave to the EU Parliament.

This video captures three essential elements of that speech:

1. Showcases the importance of humanity through the words of an Indian poet, who lived around 3000 years ago

2. Presents the path for a peaceful world

3. Reciprocation without reservation of camaraderie and adoration by two world leaders

This is not to promote any country or person, but to showcase how true leaders don't have to market themselves to gain respect. 

When it comes to the nationality of the poet mentioned in this talk, at that time, Indian civilization was an established culture rich in values, virtues and offered opportunities for humans to think and grow. 

Same applies with other great poets from other civilizations too over the years who transcended time with their unique thinking.

Disclaimer: this inspirational video shared for educational purposes only.

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